• Product Information

    Service, repair and maintenance of motorcycles and scooters require a special diagnostic software in order to be carried out properly.To meet these requirements, Bosch developed ESI[tronic] Bike for existing KTS 340, 525, 540, 570 or KTS 840 and 870 testers. It is designed for workshop and vehicle-acceptance applications or as an upgrade for your existing ESI[tronic] 2.0 or KTS340.Combined with a KTS diagnosis tester, ESI[tronic] Bike thus is a perfect solution to get started with motorcycle and scooter control-unit diagnosis.

    ESI[tronic] Bike was developed based on ESI[tronic] 2.0, which is already established on the market , and covers the most common European and Asian motorcycles.

    ESI[tronic] Bike features the well-known ESI[tronic] 2.0 functions and information:

    • Readout and deletion of fault codes
    • Display of actual values
    • The system overview facilitates easy detection of the control units built into the vehicle
    • Actuator test
    • Adjustment / Settings
    • Special functions
    • Carrying out of all service tasks

    An existing ESI [tronic] 2.0 or KTS 340 can be upgraded by ESI[tronic] Bike at any time.

    Important: Easy Connect adapter are recommended (separately available)

  • Easy Connect

    Easy Connect now available for motorcycles and scooters

    In general, each motorcycle or scooter has a manufacturer- specific diagnostic connection.The advantages for the workshop predominate – also in the case of motorcycles and scooters:

    • Only one direct connection cable
    • Automatic recognition of the vehicle-specific connections
    • Simple, fast adaptation at the vehicle without risk of incorrect connections
    • Check of connection and matching connection cable
    • Fewer plug connections
    • Simplified and intelligent multiplexer control
    • Software-controlled communication-pin selection