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Thermal management
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    Thermal Management: Systems for Cooling

    Cold start, warm-up phase, stop-and-go, freeway, southern Europe, and Scandinavia:For all types of operation and even under the most extreme external conditions, combustion engines require optimum thermal management in order to perform their work efficiently and economically. Bosch supplies drives and solutions that precisely adapt the performance of the cooling system in every situation to the corresponding cooling requirement of the combustion engine. In this way, Bosch components ensure the optimum engine and interior temperature in a large number of vehicles.

    A Breath of Fresh Air for Every Engine: Bosch Engine-Cooling Fans

    Even at low speeds, passenger vehicles require high cooling output. The radiator therefore requires additional ventilation by means of a fan.

    Bosch offers an extensive range of engine-cooling fans – from individual components up to complete modules.


    For Significantly More Comfort and to Reduce CO2: Auxiliary Water Pumps

    Bosch auxiliary water pumps considerably increase climate comfort. They improve the coolant flow, thereby assisting the heating circuit and enabling the utilization of residual heat when the combustion engine is switched off.

    Bosch auxiliary water pumps are low-noise, very durable, and reliably free from leaks – throughout their service life.


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