Compressor Fanfares

Compressor-Type Fanfare Horns
Marginal Column
  • Product information

    Compressor Fanfares: Effective, Harmonious Sound for Urban Traffic and the Open Road

    Truck sound for your car? No problem with compressor fanfares from Bosch. Choose from dual and triple-tone versions offering an excellent size/performance ratio and outstanding sound quality.


    • Effective, harmonious sound
    • Impact and weather-proof plastic cones
    • Totally reliable operation
    • Protected against corrosion and the weather
    • Easy to install: Two-hole fitting and blade terminal
    • With EC type approval

    Technical Data

    • Volume 117 dB (A)
    • Low tone: 630 Hz
    • High tone 795 Hz (840 Hz with triple tone)

    Areas of Application

    • Cars, SUV, Trucks, Buses, Mini-buses and Vans
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    Product Comparison

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