Auxiliary Lamps

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    Bosch supplies a comprehensive range

    of auxiliary lamps for all vehicles. Choose outstanding quality, unique design and enhanced safety thanks to more light on the road. Bosch auxiliary lamps improve the standard lighting profile of your vehicle. This gives you better visibility and valuable extra time to react more quickly to changing traffic situations. These seconds can be critical for your safety.

    Xenon or halogen

    Some Bosch auxiliary lamps are already equipped with the latest Xenon gas discharge technology. Compared to a headlamp with a halogen bulb of the same size, this means up to three times more light. In addition, Xenon headlamps deliver a light color similar to daylight, improving driving comfort.


    Which light do you prefer?

    Bosch auxiliary lamps are available with two different light profiles. “Wide/long” for a normal light profile. “Narrow/long” for those who prefer longer but narrower illumination. The advantage of mounting multiple auxiliary lamps: The two light profiles can be combined to achieve maximum light yield. The wide/long light profiles have ECE approval.

    Bosch is continuously advancing the technology in its auxiliary lamps. To adapt the additional lighting capacity for today’s aerodynamic vehicles, exceptionally small and compact auxiliary lamps are needed. One result of this development is the Bosch Compact 100, which delivers up to 50 % more light compared to conventional ultra driving lamps of the same size. This is because the computer-designed reflector surface ensures more effective light distribution, illuminates the road more evenly and lights up the sides of the road better than conventional headlamps.


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