Flood Lamps and Spot Lamps

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    Flood lamps

    Flood lamps are used for illuminating stationary or mobile workplaces. Their robust design makes flood lamps particularly well suited for mounting on commercial vehicles and opens up a wide variety of applications. Flood lamps are widely used in construction, agriculture and forestry, transport, municipal services, by the emergency services and in shipping.

    Flood lamps feature large, uniform light distribution. This allows a large working area to be illuminated at close range.


    Spot lamps

    The densely concentrated light from a spot lamp is ideal when there is a need for targeted illumination of an object from a long distance. For example, spot lamps are used by the police, by fire brigades, and for technical assistance and emergency services. However, a spot lamp can also be useful in other specialist areas where there is a need for a strong searchlight, for example inland waterways for illuminating canals, locks or landing stages.

    A spot lamp produces a narrow beam of concentrated high-intensity light, effectively illuminating a specific area at long range.


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