Rotating Beacons

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    Bosch produces a comprehensive range of high-performance beacons for installation in a wide variety of vehicles. Optimized custom solutions further increase the range of applications. In many situations, reliable and effective warning signals are critical to ensure safety for traffic or for working.

    Zero-maintenance LED technology – RKLE LED Compact

    High illumination power, low power consumption, minimal risk of breakdown and maximum service life characterize the rotary beacons in the RKLE LED Compact line. The changing of bulbs becomes a thing of the past with these zero-maintenance and compact RKLE LED Compact lights. The beacons can be combined with one another. They are ideally suited for use in transport vehicles, agricultural and forestry vehicles, roadside assistance, waste disposal, street cleaning, winter service (gritters & snow plows) and municipal vehicles.


    The professional range - RKLE 200

    Top quality for customer groups with exacting demands in terms of warning action and conspicuousness, ease of use and installation, easy single-handed bulb replacement and interference suppression for radio, two-way radio and telephone reception, e.g. fire brigades, haulage companies, road construction departments, rescue services, breakdown and recovery services, mobile cranes and emergency relief services.

    The standard range - RE 60

    Sturdy warning lamps offering attractive value for money for customer groups in hauling, construction and related trades, agriculture and forestry. Benefits include ease of operation and installation, easy one-handed bulb replacement and radiointerference suppression.


    The special range - RSWA/F

    The RSWA/F range of floodlamps and spot lamps provides top performance for the police and emergency services, breakdown and recovery services, agricultural machinery and outdoor applications.


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