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    Electric Fuel Pumps – the Complete Range from the System Specialists

    Bosch electric fuel pumps are optimized for the specific engine type and are produced to stringent quality standards:

    • Extremely reliable operation
    • Particularly high requirements for new vehicles met
    • Long service life
    • Minimal noise generation
    • Optimal fuel supply
    • Optimum reliability for gasoline supply
    • High interference suppression

    Reliability for High Performance

    The electric fuel pump (EKP) must supply the engine with sufficient fuel at the pressure required for injection under all operating conditions. It is also increasingly assuming the function of a pre-supply pump for modern direct injection systems in both gasoline and diesel engines. The principal requirements:

    • Supply rate between 60 and 200 l/h at rated voltage
    • Pressure in fuel system between 300 and 450 kPa (3-4.5 bar)
    • Build-up of system pressure from 60% to 70% of rated voltage; cold starting operation is definitive for this.


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