Ignition Distributors/Modules

Ignition distributors of original equipment standard
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Brochures Library

  • Product Information

    Bosch Ignition Distributors

    The full range with contact, non-contact, or for electronic ignition.

    • First-class quality
    • Optimized for each specific engine
    • High thermal and mechanical load capacity
    • Also available as repaired parts
    • Also available as replacement parts: Ignition distributor caps, distributor rotors, ignition modules, contact sets, capacitors, vacuum controllers, ignition pulse actuators, etc.

    Rotating Ignition Distribution Systems – Contact Controlled

    • Conventional coil ignition – SZ
    • Contact-controlled transistor ignition – TZ-K


    Rotating Ignition Distribution Systems – Non Contacting

    • Transistor ignition with Hall sensor – TZ-H
    • Transistor ignition with induction sensor – TZ-I
    • Electronic ignition – EZ

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