Battery chargers

  • Product Information

    C1 battery charger: the entry-level model for weak 12-V car batteries


    There is no easier way to knock car batteries into shape than using the C1 battery charger. Why? Because of the ingenious one-button operation and because there is only one mode of operation. The only thing you have to do: Connect the terminals to the battery and switch on the battery charger. C1 will do the rest on its own – even with deeply discharged batteries. And don’t worry about confusing the positive and negative poles. In that case a red LED lights up, no vol- tage is led to the terminals, and you can‘t begin charging. This won‘t exclude operating errors, but prevents their negative consequences.

    Advantages at a glance:

    • For 12-V batteries in cars, small motor homes and boats
    • Also for start/stop batteries with EFB technology
    • Also for charging deeply discharged batteries with at least 4.5 V
    • Trickle charging for optimum battery care


    C3 battery charger: the all-rounder for 6-V and 12-V car and two-wheeler batteries

    Connect it, switch it on and lean back: The C3 battery charger will do the rest. The device automatically detects the type of battery and adjusts the power accordingly. It features a two-wheeler mode for 6-V batteries and a car/two-wheeler mode for 12-V batteries. It also allows optimum charging of AGM and EFB batteries. But there is even more: If connected to the vehicle, the C3 monitors the battery and ensures a constantly high level of charge. This increases battery service life and helps save money – since the latest batteries often cost up to eight times as much as a Bosch battery charger.

    Advantages at a glance:

    • Automatic detection of 6-V or 12-V battery types
    • Ideal for start/stop batteries with AGM and EFB technologies
    • Trickle charging for optimum battery care
    • Screw-mountable eyelet cables can be installed directly onto the battery


    C7 battery charger: the professional device for 12-V and 24-V starter batteries

    Strong, stronger, C7 battery charger: With this device, highly strained LCV, motor home, and large motorcycle batteries are always in good shape. No matter whether trickle charging, battery care for high-quality batteries for start/stop systems or for seasonally used vehicles – the C7 easily masters all of these tasks. And thanks to its regenerative function, it even helps reactivate deeply discharged batteries with hardly any effort.

    Advantages at a glance:

    • Automatic detection of 12-V or 24-V battery types
    • Regenerative function for deeply discharged batteries
    • Trickle charging for optimum battery care
    • Allows supportive charging and supplies mobile devices with power


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