Bosch Brakefit Brake Cleaner

  • Product information

    Brakefit - the non-acid high-performance brake cleaner

    Practically indispensable for working on brakes: Bosch Brakefit is the ideal cleaner for all brake components. Brakefit can be used to degrease brake, clutch and transmission components and is also just right for cleaning the contacts of distributors and electrical connections.

    - Intensive cleaning effect

    - Highly active

    - Gentle action

    - Acetone-free material protection, compatible with synthetic materials and seals

    - No CFCs and hydrocarbons

    - Non-corrosive

    - Self-cleaning, complete removal of all oil, grease and other contaminants

    - Degreasing of brake, clutch and transmission components

  • Downloads

    Safety data sheets


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