Brake fluids from Bosch

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    Maximum safety

    The brake fluid transmits the brake pressure to the wheel brakes. Bosch brake fluids contain high-grade additives for corrosion protection and lubrication to ensure a long service life and the reliable operation of all brake assemblies.

    The ultimate in reliability and quality: Brake fluids from Bosch. These have a wide thermal application range, satisfy the technical requirements for different types of vehicles and surpass the specifications demanded by current international standards.


    The different types of brake fluid for hydraulic brake systems:

    DOT 3

    Often for older vehicles, cannot be mixed or exchanged with DOT 4 brake fluids

    DOT 4

    Maximum efficiency with high boiling point

    DOT 4 super

    Increased efficiency at high temperatures, longer replacement intervals

    DOT 4 HP

    Ideal for vehicles with electronic braking systems with low viscosity

    DOT 5.1

    Like DOT 4 HP, but with even longer replacement intervals

    For braking systems with mineral oil hydraulics, Bosch offers a special mineral hydraulic oil: LHM Plus.


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