Superfit brake lubricant

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  • Product information

    Bosch Superfit: Metal-free permanent lubricant for brake installation

    High-performance lubricants for brakes must withstand heavy loading and guarantee long-term reliability. Bosch Superfit ideally satisfies these requirements and can offer many added advantages:

    • Extremely low level of oil separation
    • Far less paste formation than with comparable products
    • High wash-out resistance
    • Excellent thermal properties
    • Not sensitive to heat and cold

    Tough and neutral

    • No metals and acids and non-conductive and therefore ideal for vehicles with ABS
    • Non-corrosive and compatible with all metals and the majority of rubber materials
    • Perfectly suited to steel and aluminum brake calipers
    • Suitable for a variety of other applications e.g. installation, protection of compressors, central lubrication systems, seat runners, sun roof guides, door check straps and battery posts

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