Gigalight Plus 50/Plus 90/Plus 120

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  • Product information

    Plus 50

    • Improved illumination and orientation
    • Increased safety
    • Significant gains in driving safety and enjoyment
    • Hazards, obstructions and road markings can be seen more quickly

    Plus 90

    • Up to 90 % greater illumination of the road* for maximum driving safety
    • Intense white light* for easy, relaxed and less tiring vision even on long journeys
    • Better visibility whatever the weather, particularly at night
    • Longer light beam provides a greater range of vision, giving you more time to react
    • Exclusive design featuring silver top (H4 and H7) and blue sectors


    Plus 120

    • Up to 120 % more light on the road *
    • Brightest bulb for headlamps within the Bosch range
    • Reduced risk of accidents due to increased light intensity


    * In comparison with standard halogen bulbs.



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