Timing Belts

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  • Product information

    Timing Belts from Bosch: For driving camshafts, injection pumps and balancer shafts

    Timing Belt operation

    Quiet-running Timing Belts from Bosch reliably ensure synchronous power trans-
    mission over the entire service life.

    Timing Belts, tensioning rollers, idlers and guide rollers are all subject to considerable strains and should therefore always be replaced completely within the recommended intervals - by professionals.

    For quick and expert replacement, Bosch can offer workshops all wearing parts in a practical Timing Belts and water pump kit.

    ESI[tronic], the world's leading diagnostic software from Bosch, gives detailed step-by-step instructions for every vehicle, thus saving precious workshop time.

    Bosch Timing Belts with optimum material properties:

    • Engine-specific rubber blend and belt design for maximum safety
    • Smooth operation for a high comfort level
    • Low-stretch glass-fiber tension members
    • Engine-specific tooth profile for optimum power transmission
    • Polyamide fabric covering for ideal tooth protection

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