Bosch Super

Bosch Super
  • Product information

    Outstanding performance: The bestseller

    Bosch Super in the practical pack of 10 and individual packs

    Bosch Super in the practical pack of 10 and individual packs

    For both stop-and-go urban traffic and long-distance motorway driving: Bosch Super always lives up to its name. That is why the Bosch spark plug with the copper core soon became the most widely sold in Europe.

    The winning features:

    • Rapid attainment of operating temperature
    • High cold starting reliability
    • Protection of engine and catalytic converter
    • Set electrode gap

    Super also stands for:

    Top Bosch quality for virtually all vehicles and compliance with specific vehicle manufacturers' requirements. Plus a long service life guaranteed by excellent workmanship and high-grade materials:

    • The copper core of the center electrode is a good dissipator of heat and thus guards against thermal overload.
    • The nickel-chromium alloy of the center electrode provides corrosion protection for the copper core and ensures a high level of resistance to spark erosion.

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