Bosch Super plus

Bosch Super plus
  • Product information

    Reliable as ever at an exceptionally high level: The "Plus" driving experience

    Bosch Super plus

    Bosch Super plus in the practical packs of 10 and 4

    A rare earth metal ensures that reliability goes without saying. The innovative yttrium alloy used for Bosch Super plus has its origins in motor sports, where it is seen as the key to top performance. But is has long since also found its way into ordinary vehicles on the road. Nowadays the Bosch Super plus has become part of everyday life. Its characteristic feature is the special electrode design (pointed, profiled ground electrode) requiring a lower ignition voltage.

    The advantages at a glance:

    • Rapid attainment of operating temperature
    • Increased cold starting reliability
    • Protection of engine and catalytic converter
    • Set electrode gap
    • Extra-long service life

    Bosch Super plus is available with nickel-yttrium alloy and with platinum electrodes. The compact range of 54 types contains just the right spark plug for virtually every car.


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