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    More light for more efficient production: with flood lamps and spot lamps from Bosch

    Working with vehicles at night would not be possible without extra illumination.

    The right flood lamps and spot lamps for every application

    Bosch can supply a wide range of different flood lamps and spot lamps to suit all purposes. Flood lamps are ideal for use in situations requiring a broad light beam to illuminate a large area. By contrast, spot lamps provide a narrow beam of light for concentrated illumination.


    Safety you can rely on

    • Comprehensive halogen, xenon and LED range
    • Complies to extremely tough test conditions and guarantees a long service life
    • Reliable protection against moisture, dirt and corrosion

    Quality to rely on

    Many years of experience, regular testing and stringent production monitoring ensure that all Bosch flood lamps and spot lamps meet the highest standards.


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