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As a global partner of vehicle manufacturers, Bosch is constantly developing ever more powerful alternators for commercial vehicles to safely supply power to the many electrical devices in the vehicle: There are good reasons why many trucks today are fitted with Bosch starters and alternators.

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    Powerful, Robust and Versatile

    Long driving periods are always on the agenda for goods transport both on and off the highway. Safety, comfort and a wide variety of functions are therefore of great importance. The range of electrical equipment is just as wide. Bosch commercial-vehicle alternators are designed for the most varied applications, can cater to any energy requirement and guarantee safe supply to the vehicle electrical system. What's more, they make a considerable contribution to reducing fuel consumption with their high power-to-weight ratio and efficiency.

    Benefits of Bosch Alternators for Commercial Vehicles

    • High reliability and long service life
    • Excellent performance
    • Efficient winding technology
    • Improved carbon and slip ring system
    • Quality products and replacement parts from the new-vehicle equipment range
    • Replacement part concepts tailored to new-vehicle equipment
    • Complete documentation of vehicle equipment – over 75 years

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