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It's all a question of the right mixture: Bosch air mass meters
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    Original Quality that Pays Off: Bosch Air-Mass Meters

    In order to ensure that legal specifications for emissions are complied with and that the vehicle is not consuming fuel unnecessarily, the engine must be fed with a precisely defined ratio of air and fuel. This takes place by means of an air-mass meter or air flow sensor which detects the actual air-mass flow and transmits the measured values to the regulating and control systems of the engine.

    In the course of the energy crisis of 1972-73, reducing fuel consumption became an important development goal, and during this time Bosch introduced new air-flow metering systems: The K-Jetronic with mechanical gasoline injection and the L-Jetronic with electronically-controlled gasoline injection. As the inventor of these systems, Bosch still plays a pioneering role in the technical development of air-flow and air-mass metering.



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