A head start

From a standing position, commercial-vehicle starters must withstand a lot of motion and frictional resistance from the engine and auxiliary units: Resistance poses no problem for Bosch starters, as they offer the highest possible starting reliability.

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  • Product Information

    Top Performance from the First Start

    Bosch offers a wide range of high-quality starters for on-and-off-highway commercial vehicles. Whether for 12V or 24V vehicle electrical systems, or for diesel or gasoline engines with engine capacities of up to 72 l or 144 l respectively – we always have the right solution. Bosch starters offer the highest possible starting reliability – even under the most challenging conditions.

    Benefits of Bosch Starters for Commercial Vehicles

    • High reliability and long service life
    • Quality products and replacement parts from new-vehicle equipment
    • Complete documentation of vehicle equipment – over 75 years
    • Replacement part concepts tailored to new-vehicle equipment

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