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    Unit pump system: an individual pressure pump for each cylinder

    The unit pump system (UPS) is exclusively used in commercial vehicles. It is closely related to the unit injector system (UIS) for cars and light commercial vehicles and allows high injection pressures of up to 2,000 bar. Bosch developed the unit pump system and launched the technology onto the market in 1995.


    The main selling point of the UPS is that an individual pump is assigned to each cylinder, as in the case of the UIS. In contrast to the UIS, however, the injection nozzle and injector are spatially separated from each other. A short pipe forms the connection between them.



    • Highest injection pressures and exact fuel quantity control
    • High engine performance balanced against low engine emissions and low consumption
    • Very high wear-resistance of the roller tappet
    • Lower emissions due to pre-injection
    • Quick and simple exchange during servicing

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