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    End of the Line for Dirt Particles of All Kinds

    Engines love clean air, but it can't always be found in road traffic. And for a mileage of 1-2 million km, clean combustion air becomes a pure necessity. The permitted quantity of dust which can pass through commercial-vehicle engines is around half the quantity for cars. Bosch air filters therefore have a very fine-pored filter medium, whose filtration efficiency and pressure reduction are precisely adjusted to each other. Fresh air for construction site vehicles: Here it is also recommended to use additional air filters, e.g. secondary filter inserts and cyclone separators.

    Change the Air Filters Regularly According to the Vehicle Manufacturer's Specifications.

    Air filter cross-section

    Consequences of a clogged filter:

    – Poor-quality air/fuel mixture preparation leading to decreased engine power and increased pollutant emissions

    – Higher fuel consumption

    – Particles lead to increased wear in the engine

    – Problems starting the vehicle


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