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    Small filter, big effect – DENOX filters for AdBlue

    Limit values for vehicle emissions are constantly being decreased. For this reason, exhaust gas treatment systems have become the standard in the meantime. Together with the Bosch Denoxtronic system, SCR catalytic converters convert
    85% of the emissions into air and water. By doing so, diesel consumption is reduced by 3%. The construction of the Denoxtronic system is similar to a gasoline injection system and must be protected from dirt particles. The DENOX filter is integrated into the dosing module and filters the AdBlue before it passes through the sensitive injector. This ensures the correct dosage of AdBlue – indispensable for adherence to strict emissions standards.

    DENOX filters – durability through intelligent Bosch technology

    DENOX filter cross-section

    – High dirt filtration rate thanks to special resin coating and large surface of the filter medium

    – Resistance against aggressive AdBlue through use of high-quality materials

    – AdBlue freezes at -11°C and expands thanks to its high water content. Compensation elements prevent damage to the filter

    – Integrated electric heating system for quick warming of the frozen AdBlue


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